KYC & Audit

Information about KYC process and audits on PandaSale, relevant to both investors and project owners.
User safety is a top priority at PandaSale.
We are committed to keeping our platform as free of illegitimate and harmful practices as possible, in the interest of creating an environment which is safe and fair for all parties involved.
For these reasons we offer features and tools, native to PandaSale but also through our partnerships with trusted and top tier organizations, that serve to sort out scams and to increase public trust in legitimate projects.

How do these features benefit both investors and owners?

Projects which undergo the KYC process and/or receive a favorable audit from a verified auditor benefit from more community attention as they are more trustworthy.
Investors have an easier time sifting through the project ecosystem, to find safer and more reliable opportunities to invest their assets with a higher degree of confidence.

What is PandaSale KYC?

The KYC process consists of a legitimacy verification which acts as a deterrent against dishonest and suspicious developers or development teams by making sure that they can be held accountable if they attempt to defraud investors.
After having gone through the KYC process a badge will be given and visible to all who browse the respective project.
All users of PandaSale are highly encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the PandaSale team.
Apply for a PandaSale KYC at PandaSaleKYC or, go through the KYC process with one of our partners from the list below:
Premium KYC:
We strongly recommend that project owners and development teams engage in the KYC process so that their project will benefit from a higher degree of notoriety and trust in our community.
Disclaimer: A KYC verification is not an absolute guarantee of legitimacy or a recommendation to invest in the project, it simply means that the project is far less likely to be a fraudulent enterprise meant to scam investors out of their assets.

Audits at PandaSale.

In case owners are interested in having their project audited, PandaSale offers multiple options.
Project owners who host their presale on our platform have the added benefit of receiving discount prices from auditing companies with which we have partnered.
After having been audited a project will receive an "audited badge" which also contains the relevant information (by whom the audit was performed, etc.).
PandaSale only engages in partnerships with trusted and reputable organizations, feel free to choose any from the two lists below.
Standard Audits:
Premium Audits: