Marketing Partners

In order to establish a partnership with PandaSale Launchpad, you can send your proposals to @YinPandaSale on telegram.
Incubators, AMA, Group Calls and other services provided by our marketing partners, will easily help you to fill the presale hosted on our platform. Our marketing partners will be able to provide you discounts to all their services, the bigger the budget is, the better results you receive. Avoid scammers, take care about your funds, collaborate with our partners and you'll receive the marketing exposure you desire.
Marketing Advisors
Incubator Partners we recommend
We recommend you to hire the following influencers for your AMA & Calls
Fast-Track Listing CMC / CG
Trending [CMC, CG,, Poocoin, Dextools, Twitter]
Billboards (NY Times Square, SpaceX, McDonalds)
Celebrities (Soulja Boy, Jake & Logan Paul)
Verifications (Blue Checkmarks - Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, CMC)
Telegram & Discord Management
Chinese Marketing & Moderator
Voice AMA