Pandasale - The community-driven launchpad
As a user-orientated platform, PandaSale focuses on facilitating a balanced and mutually beneficial environment for both investors and project owners.
PandaSale not only provides the next generation, all in one DeFi Launchpad for all EVM powered networks but also integrates many other complimentary services (Marketing, KYC audit, Contests, etc.) under the same platform.
Having many partners in the crypto space, PandaSale provides access to many discount services which raise project success rate.
PandaSale is financially accessible and simple to use for both investors and project owners.
Our unique design not only assures the best possible project launch but also creates the conditions to help the project keep growing after launch.

Why choose PandaSale?

  • The lowest fees on the market.
  • Simple to use, no coding skills required.
  • Safe and secure platform (ANTI-RUG, ANTI-BOT services).
  • Highly user focused.
  • AIO Launchpad with many integrated auxiliary services (Contests, Audits, etc.) for investors and project owners.
  • ​Partnered with many organizations that offer professional services which raises project awareness at unbeatable rates.
  • Unique staking system which benefits both investors and project owners.

PandaSale mission and philosophy.

Our mission is to create a healthy ecosystem where both investors and project owners benefit from a safe, secure platform, which offers all necessary services for a project to launch, grow and further expand.
The core philosophy of PandaSale is to be centered around the user. We strive to create an environment where investors benefit from supporting their favorite projects and we endeavor to create the best circumstances for project success even after launch.

Why the Panda?

We draw inspiration from the black and white panda, a symbol of Yin & Yang which represents the balance and harmony we strive to achieve on our platform. Our fundamental belief is in creating a healthy and well-balanced environment for all of our users.
And let's not forget to mention how awesome pandas are, too!
Disclaimer - Pandasale is a permissionless launchpad platform consisting of decentralized contracts. Users take full responsibility for the risks associated with purchasing tokens through Pandasale. Social media posts and other information on the app do not constitute an endorsement by the Pandasale team and should not be considered financial advice.